I have a few questions about some pedals. Are metal pedals worth getting? All I have right now is a Digitech Screamin' Blues (Analog Overdrive/Distortion) pedal. I was thinkin about getting a Digitech Synth Wah with a metal pedal or a overdrive pedal and was wondering if those would sound nifty together (if thats a dumb idea please say it in the nicest way possible) whats a good sustaining, reverb, and delaying pedal. I want a phaser pedal because they sound cool which are good? (its just for fun) all help is appreciated thanks
lol that wasent really about metal pedals so sorry bout that I changed the content and forgot the title lol I want something that can scream for a long time
also why are some digitech pedals called like Analog ______? like Analog Distortion, Analog Grunge, what does the "Analog" mean?
not a lot of people like them, and playing them through a tube amp is apparantly just Sacrilege lol, our band's second guitarist has the digitech Metal Master and although most people on here hate it, it gives a heavy, very distorted chunky tone to the amp- try some out.
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"metal" pedals are a gimmick, IMO. I could explain it - but it would take a long time lol.

Delay pedal: Boss DD-3 maybe
Reverb: Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail perhaps