A couple of months ago, I bought a Roland Cube 60. I like the sound, good quality blah blah you know blah blah too on sundays.
But my problem is, that I when I put my cube's volume a little bit louder, it starts to buzz. It buzzes the most with the settings 'Metal', 'Dyna Amp' and 'R-Fier'

Does anyone from UG knows how to solve this problem? Anyone got the same problem as me?

PS: Sorry my English isn't that good...
Are you using a guitar with single coil pickups? If so the only way to fix it would be new "noise-less" pick-ups. Gain just does that.
apparently UG's only type O-

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Do you have any electrics in the room that can disturb your amp? Strong lights, computers etc.
Lots of Electrics in my room. Maybe its just that.
Could I use a noise represor?
Dont know, actually, ''single coil'' pick ups what it is
a single coil is a rail style pick ups like on a strat. Not a humbucker which looks like 2 single coils put together.
apparently UG's only type O-

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Thanks jb_designs.
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Dont know, actually, ''single coil'' pick ups what it is

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I've got 3 single coil pickups... But the third one is 'misplaced', like this: (By the way, those are the stringy part at the guitar's body)

_____________ __| O |
f--------f--------f---\-------|o|--------------------|o|--------------------/o/---- |O L:::::||
f--------f--------f----|------|o|--------------------|o|-------------------/o/----- |O L:::::||
f--------f--------f----|------|o|--------------------|o|------------------/o/------ |O L:::::||
f--O---f--O----f----|------|o|--------------------|o|-----------------/o/------- |O L:::::||
f--------f--------f----|------|o|--------------------|o|----------------/o/-------- |O L:::::||
f--------f--------f---/-------|o|--------------------|o|---------------/o/--------- |O L:::::||
¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
If it really helps, ill search noiseless pickups (those are the double ones, right?)
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the bottom one is meant to be like that if its on a strat, unless its something else
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