The other day, I was trying to play this:


But the third note (0) was too quiet too hear. How can I improve my pull-offs, so I can play this shit?
when you pull off to the open note, pull your finger down as you release so it sort of picks that strings
its a vital part of it
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that riff from the solo of Metallica's Of Wolf And Man?
Crazy Train also uses the 4-2-0 4-2-0 4-2-0 after the second verse. Just when you pull from 4-2 make sure you are strong on the 2 and you pull off hard on both pulls.
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when you pull off to the open note, pull your finger down as you release so it sort of picks that strings
its a vital part of it


thats why its called PULL-OFF. you have to pull the string down to play the note. not just raising your finger out of the note..

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I used to do the same, before I realised about the actual pulling off bit. Make sure your finger is moving down in the same movement, and you should get the right sound.
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Sort of "hook" your fingernail around the string, and pluck it as you pull it off. It takes practice to perfect, just like anything.

Just play it ridiculously slowly to get the technique, then set it at a tempo, get it perfect, go up 5 / 10 bpm and repeat. Good luck man.
I agree with the pulling the fingers down when pulling off quickly but I'm not so sure about the fingernail technique. Seems to add extra difficulty when you can get a quality sound by just using your fingers.
just do it exzageratedly hard, when u first learn pulloffs its good to do them super hard

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+1 to the last post.

Its important to get the pulled off note to sound the same as a picked note. To do it as the previous poster stated will help. Eventually you'll have the technique and finger strength to do just that.

Sometimes though, and this is from a purely personal pov its just as easy to pick the note as it is to pull off it. Not always, it depends where you are or where you want to go, but I've found myself picking notes when the tab calls for a p/u.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't sound any different from where I'm sitting (hearing).

Sometimes there's no choice and it will become quite obvious that you'll need to pull off a note in order to get your fingers where they want to be, and in tempo. But other times I find its perfectly possible, and sometimes it makes more sense.