whats ridiculous about it, i want one lol

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lyke ZOMG, wh3n I g3t t3h n3w m3talcor3 p3dal, I will b3 abl3 t0 r0ck lyk3 my fav0rit3 band Atr3yu!!

Yeah that's pretty ridculous. The tone of metal and metalcore are pretty much the same, it's the playing style that's different.
^with a lot of bands the only part of the playing style thats different is breakdowns

and even suffocation and sepultura use breakdowns

i don't get it though. you can get a good metal tone with your amp, or if you want more distortion theres a million other pedals that offer varying degrees of distortion. so i don't really see the point
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ill stick with my boss metal zone, thanks.
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metal and metalcore have the same ton, i dont see the use of buying this; on the other hand im sure middle school atreyu/avenged sevenfold fans will save their money for it
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Stupid ass.

Bet it'll sell to stupid 14 year olds mind.

Pedals are a excuse to waste money if people can't admit their amp is shit, unless it's a affects pedal.

I disagree. Unless you consider the Big Muff an effects pedal. If not, then I'd say that's one of the few acceptable distortion pedals.
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Oh well.
It doesn't effect you guys if it's there or not.
Just don't buy it.

And stop giving 14 year old kids a bad rep!
Saw a 14 year old dedicated Pro Team fan at their last gig! Haha