I have an Alesis multimix 12 track, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. It plays sound normally, but when I record something then play it back, there isn't any sound. I've looked through the manual and yes, I've tried google.
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I have this same mixer.

There should be three switches on the mid-far right side of the mixer, closer to the middle, near the lights.

They should say "Mix to ctrl room" and some other stuff...
push one of those buttons, and make sure your headphones are plugged into the MIXER! in the headphones jack. I forgot which button it was, but you should be able to hear stuff from the mixer

I dont have monitors. So i don't know how that would work.

BUT if you record your music using the mixer, you'll be able to play it back without the mixer (using your regular computer speakerS)