What do you think are the best 5 scales to practice that use all 6 strings?



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Quote by Satch_Boogie
I think bare essential is the Pentatonic Minor. Learn all 5 modes. Then learn the blues scales (which is practically the same but with some blues notes) and again, learn all 5 modes. Then you can find some cool stuff like Harmonic Minor (which sounds awesome) and then the obvious Major & Minor scales.
theres 7 major modes buddy
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Quote by silvertoness11
theres 7 major modes buddy

And there are 5 pentatonic modes you jackass.
Definitely learn the 5 pentatonic scales.
They're very basic and are the foundations of a lot of solo's.
They're also a good foundation to build musical knowledge upon.
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The major scale and the modes of it

Once you understand how everything relates to each other you won't have to pick and peck around the neck it'll be obvious to your ear what notes to choose.
Learn the 7 modes, learn pentatonics.

Also, just google "guitar scales" and you can find some very interesting ones.

Also, learn Harmonic and Melodic minor.
And more importantly learn HOW to build a scale and how they are formed. That way your not just piddling around playing in patterns you'll know why the notes work.