I dont think i've ever seen a thread posted about them and they're one of my favorite bands, they're fricken bad ass, but yea, what do you think?

And anyone heard em live?
Or know what tuning they're in?
there have been at least 5 threads already on this band

this band is terrible
they are terrible live
they tune to lame

and for the record they are no way near grind
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HHLL may not be the best band but they are still really fun live and their EP's are really good in my opinion even thought their new full length was boring.

The # 12 is amazing in both aspects though.
they aren't my favorite band but Mall Nutrition is one of my favorite songs (they're kindof a one hit wonder to me) and I saw them with haste the day and they were definitely stoned the lead singer dedicated a song to socks and crutons and he kept staring at the stage lights like he was in a trance but they were good (the croud loved them)
yeah, theyre notorious (spelling?) for playing shows stoned. theyre opening a show for fear before the march of flames and poison the well pretty soon. thatll be cool
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They're a fun band.

Nothing more nothing less.
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