i have recently purchased a jackson rr3 and the 2nd time i play it i try tuning to drop c and string 1 breaks, how the **** do i get the string out of the guitar and replace it? and how can i solve the tuning problem?
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sell it to me, that will fix the problem, how much did you get it for? take a allen wrench and loosen the nut and the floyd rose part and the string will come off
How the hell did your string break going into drop C? You should be... lessening the pressure, right?

Going down on pressure should not break your string. Maybe you were coming out of drop C?
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right no offense but you should be able to figure this out jjust by giving your guitar a good looking over. First get a 3 mm size allen key and open the locking nut at the base of the head stock. Next notice the allen screws sticking out of the bottom of the floating trem. Loosen these and then take the string out just reverse these steps to replace the string.

And I'm guessing you didnt change string guages before you changed tunings. Dropped C is a pretty extreme drop tunning I'd recommend you dont detune and then retune your guitar regularly it puts a lot of strain on the string hence a possible reason it broke.

If you must use that tunning often get another guitar and have it set up for the tunning. You might even want to invest in a hardtail or fixed bridge because floyd rose bridges need to be reset everytime you change tunning.
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please use the Q&A string changing thread at the top of this forum please.
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