I recently purchased an ibanez guitar that came with a hard case, on the case it has the slogan: New ideas for todays musicians, however their actual slogan is: Anything but traditional
I am wondering if you think the guitar and the case is a knockoff or fake of some sort
yes it has a small metal plate on the case with the word Ibanez on it, and underneath it the wrong slogan
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yh well nd some pics b4

ok, actually type please.

it could be old though, it could be an older case/guitar with the old slogan.
Search for that slogan on that page. It's there somewhere, and seems to be genuine.

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i see it, not that convincing though since that is the only result google can find, and anyone know when they changed their slogan - that is if they did.
My Ibanez case says that too. I don't know though. Doesn't bother me enough to make a thread.
ok at least i'm not the only one, where did you buy yours sabbath?
I'm fairly sure they've got some new slogans knocking about. Well, not slogans as such but I've erad somewhere that they 'keep with [their] original slogan...' so I'd guess by 'original' they meant there were others they used. I'd say it's a real case.
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ok at least i'm not the only one, where did you buy yours sabbath?

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