How would one go about barganing to buy a bass for a little less then the price? Or getting something thrown in.
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Try and point out the smallest faults, or say you found it cheaper somewhere else (have proof though), they should work
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If your from the UK, try going to a shop (sound control is a good one) and they do a price match, then quote www.gak.co.uk. Dont forget to add the £10 delivery fee but you could get a much better price.
Ask them if they're having a sale on that certain bass. I got $40 off my bass and a free two year warranty because they were having a sale but it wasn't listed on the tag.
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Just ask them what the lowest possible price they can give it to you is. If you don't think it's low enough, work them down.
The only thing I can say is make sure you don't go when they'll be busy. They won't care about you whittling down the price of a Squier when there's some other kid willing to pay full price on a Gibson Les Paul. I should have just went home that day.