alright so here's the deal ive been playing guitar for about 2 years now and i started out with a yamaha eg112c starter package with the crappy amp
now as im going to buy a new guitar im wondering if i found a good deal
It's a used Epiphone Goth 1958 explorer w/ emg 81/85 pickups and comes with a nice case for 400$ its also in nearly new condition, so what im asking is it a good deal or should i passs it up??
also unrelatedly im buying a new amp one for practice/jam with friends looking at 80-120$, and i have an RP200a any suggestions?
the guitar sounds like a great deal, the pickups alone cost about 100 each.

you wont find a decent amp in that price range thats loud enough for jamming.
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You'll need an amp with a tube pre in order for it to sound good with those EMGs.

But the guitar sounds like a great deal.
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Well, that's exactly how much it costs from musiciansfriend, brand new.

Now, you got a 200 dollar pickup upgrade and any case for an obscure guitar is gunna run like 100 bucks... 300 bucks worth of extras... yeah, if it's in good condition, I'd say go for it.

And man, for 100 bucks, you're better off buying a PA and running your RP in front of it.. it's gunna sound like garbage, but man, you're gunna sound like garbage until you get rid of that RP...
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