*Bling bling*
West Side niggaz!

When will east side come to the hour
When they realise West Side got the power.
They think they are better then others
too bad their mommas are in bed with my brothers!
They think they are all bling bling and cash
i know they are still watching the vanilla face show called M.A.S.H.
Too bad those suckers dont know shit they get all jelaus when im banging it *biatch!*
Immortality and west side go hand in hand dig up your axe and show those east pussys whos the man!

West sida niggas we are all brothers.
We dont need any of those others.
We dont need anyone to tell uss what to do
Due to the fact you are West the only boss is you!

Shred solo: Some fast shit in E Minor

East siders likes to go to the kindergarten and play, my opinion is thats uterlly gay.
They think they are all P.I.M.P the only thing they can laid with is dead shrimp.

Chorus again:

Shred solo: Some fast shit in E Minor then changed in F Phrygian.
Drum and Bass solo: Some nasty shit that will spice up this song.

So i thought this song to be all like neoclassical/trash metal oriented.

Stay Metal!
yo, u got the wrong title, so i got a little rap for ya to inform ya...

yo i can see your new
even tho u kno cows go moo
u must not have read the faq
its still waiting all for you
read it discover its wonders
and mabe tell all your brothers

lol just messing around, just be sure to read the faq, ok?
Quote by magvol
and i think you can go to hell with your rap shit.. kkthnxBAI

This nigga is upset.
It aint rap you fool dont you see i mentioned neoclassical/trash.
You aint shit i aint buying it.
Peace out !
Ahh you can take your opinions to the banned hood if you say much more.

Anyway threadstarter please read the FAQ then repost this correctly.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.