I just recently started computer recording and bought a mixer and what not, and I downloaded Audacity. I was wondering how much difference a recording program can make when it comes to sound. I have experimented with my mixer and mic position and I can't get a clean sound. By clean I mean one that isn't muffled. I'm using a shure sm57, and i'm using a half stack. help?
are you clipping? i wouldn't mic the half stack. does it have a line out? anyways, check to see if you're clipping./
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No, im not, but it's difficult to get loud without clipping. I have a vox ad30vt, but it models amps and I can't always get great tone out of it
The program will do nothing for audio quality. The only thing the program can affect is the quality and type of the audio files and as long as you go for standard CD-quality files you should be able to get a good sound "onto tape". The problem is most likely your AD/DA converters. I notice you say nothing about an interface of any kind and that's where the real money should be spent. Of course, the mic preamps on the mixer might not be the best either.
the program definitely effects audio quality. Audacity IMO has a piss poor audio engine, i recommend you DL Reaper, its much much better. But yeah you might also be having clipping problems you need to make sure you have your recording levels set properly.
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