ok so basically, the input jack which is attatched to this cord inside the guitar keeps moving around and won't stay in place. so I can't plug my amp cord into it because its like far back somehow. Does anyone know what I could do? Yeah, I feel sooo crappy that I might have busted my guitar? ahh.
open 'er up. on that jack there's a little metal tab which holds the cord in place in the guitar. bend that guy back and you should be good. nothing too fancy
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Step 1: Unscrew the jack, take it out of the guitar, you will see a short metal tab and a long one.

Step 2: Bend the long metal tab inwards some more. This will hold the plug in the jack.

Step 3: Screw the whole thing back in.

Step 4: Learn to read.

Unless you mean the actual jack won't stay in the body of the guitar. In which case, tighten the screws. If all else fails take it to where you bought it and tell them to fix it.
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Hit the jack with a rolled up newspaper and scold it.
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Hit the jack with a rolled up newspaper and scold it.

It works like always i threaten my things all the time
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What I did was opened it up, put nail laquer on the inside and outside, tightened it up, applied a second layer, and done. Permanent input jack, that thing aint going nowhere. One of the many modifications I now make to ALL new guitars I get.