Lets start, i have a squier telecaster custom (no flaming) and i was thinkin of modding it up a bit, saying its not the greatest of guitars, how would i be able to give it the cracked glass like finish on Matt Bellamy's manson M1D1? (shown in pic)

not the best of pics but you get what i'm on about hopefuly.

thanks in advance,
Yeah isn't it getting a thick sheet of mirror type stuf then putting it ontop like you would with say a flame or quilt maple top, but you have to crack it too.
Niftynico146: in that thread he says he used perspex.

but another question? how thick woiuld the perspex be? would the knobs and that be able to travel through the perspex as well as the guitar body?

(sorry if that's n00bish btw)