How do i extend a scale all the way down the fretboard? lets say the pentatonic scale. I use the fingering pattern E-|X-|--|--|X-|.
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Yoy figure out the notes and play them in various positions. For instance, if you are playing the A minor pentatonic, you can play the notes A, C, D, E, and G anywhere it it will qualify as an A minor pentatonic scale.
Ask your guitar teacher to show you if you have one. There are positions up the neck which link up with each other
Just use the notes.


Go down, and find the next note.


It happens to look like that. Then find the next note on the A string. It'll be the note that follows the last note you played in the scale.

Wow, I'm bad at explaining things.

Just play the notes in the scale, and don't play any of the wrong notes. :P
Basically, you REALLY should understand that, because the way the guitar is tuned, there is more than one way to play the same note. This leads to what are generally
called "finger positions" for every scale that go up and down the neck.

You have given only 1 finger position for the pentatonic. You should learn the other 4
and how they connect and then you'll be able to play the scale up and down the neck.
There is a big difference between a scale pattern and the actual scale. The actual scale is only 5 notes. When we are learning scale patterns we are learning the location of the notes from the scale as they appear on the fretboard. The same 5 notes repeat themselves over and over on the guitar's fretboard. What we need to be able to do in order to play from the scale is memorize these fretboard patterns.

Bellow is the C scale, I'm going to show you how the pattern works for it, and all the other scales, it's the same process.It can be moved, as with all scale patterns to any key.

More of an example? Ok.

1.In the 1st diagram we see the C scale pattern in the key of C#/Db, because the root note is on the C#/Db note on the 4th fret of the A string.

2.In the 2nd diagram we see the C scale pattern in the key of F, because the root note is on the F note on the 8th fret of the A string.

3.In the 3rd diagram we see the C scale pattern in the key of A, because the root note is on the A note on the 12th fret of the A string.

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i thought the root note was the note you start on. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/major_pentatonic_scales.html
"i've learned one fingering (B in your lesson) and kept using that in whatever key i'm playing it and it seems to sound ok but... how the hell do you combine fingerings? Or you don't? You just learn and use one fingering and that's it? Pls explain, i'd be grateful. Tx. Oh, same question for the minor pentatonic thing too."
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Quote by wHere_aM_i
i thought the root note was the note you start on

I think you're confused.

Plus those diagrams don't really answer your question. All it's showing is how to
move a single finger position to different keys by just sliding the shape. You asked
how to stay in key and move up the neck.

The link you posted is more of what you're looking for. But, it's major pentatonic
and not very well explained. However, the major pentatonic finger position shapes
(5 of them) are the same as the minor pentatonic shapes. That might confuse you
more, but you really need to find a good desciption of the 5 finger positions and
how the minor and major pent relate.
yes, minor and major pentatonics use the same shape, just using different notes as a root.

like others have said, learn the other pentatonic positions, and learn how they relate to one another.

when i started getting lessons (i was self taught for 2 years) the first thing my teacher showed me was the pentatonic shapes and how to connect them.
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