I dont have a teacher or anything but Im doing some online lessons (at About.com) and I'm having trouble understanding some chords.This one for instance,what do the circles mean.Do I play only those strings or all six?The reason I'm confused is because of the article http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200e.htm.Also does anyone know a good way to memorize and switch chords?Thanks
You just learn it and memorise it after a while, like anything if you do it a lot.
I would recommend not using lessons as ur specific medium for learning
learn to read tab and find tabs for songs that u like and just start off with the simple stuff and then gradually move on
i dont see whats the problem that diagram literally explains everything i was going to tell you

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Quote by Monkeydud137
Also whats what do you mean fret those three notes?
Put your fingers where those big, black circles are.
you just play the "o's"as open, and put your fingers on the frets it tells you to ...you play all six strings...you will catch on
That's a G chord, I remember it. Yeah, you just memorize it and it just sticks. Once you start playing the chord over and just remember the finger position and what the name of chord is. Switching chords just takes time. Try using a metronome or you just tap your foot and switch chords. Then just build up speed.