Ok, I just recently got a guitar and am learning how to play. I have a question about some tabs though.

In the song Tears Don't Fall by Bullet of my Valentine there in the Intro what does the "h" mean in 5h7 and 6h8?

Intro with chorus and delay:
F:------9------9----9-------9----10----9------------5-------5-----5------7----5h7-----------------| x4

Thanks for your help.

Alright, I'll try my best to describe what to do . . .

The "h" for example in between the 5h7 means to "hammer on". Basically if your index ( pointer ) finger is on the 5th fret take your middle finger and hammer it on the 7th fret.

While hammering from the 5th to the 7th fret don't take your index finger off the 5th fret.

Also, while hammering from the 5th to the 7th fret you only pick the note once beginning on the 5th fret. You just basically pick on the 5th fret and hammer your middle finger onto the 7th fret.

I tried my best to explain. I hope this helps you out.

~ zeptallica06
Well It sounds to me like its pretty much just a transition. Thanks a lot. That really helped.