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I've finally gotten one of my humbucker pickups perform the way I want it to. This pickup is 25K with neodymium magnets. The pickup is super high output. It’s a dark pickups with lots of lower midrange, and it manages to maintain clarity and bite and it has a significantly better high end than the high output pickups by SD and DM. So Now that I have the pickup functioning the way I want it to, I need to give it a name. So I’m taking ideas.

If you think of a name and I use it then you can have one of these pickups free.

I’ll have a sound clip up in the morning so that you can get a better idea of what it’s sounds like. After the soundclip is up I’m open for your opinions of the tone as well.

Edit: I now have a sound clip up
I don't play heavy music so I cant really do this pickup any justice, but it gives you an idea. I'm playing it on a stock epi valve Jr with the volume at 1 o'clock. So just a little over half way up. At the end I switch to one of my PAF style pickups just so you can hear the difference in output. The file is completely uncut and unedited so there is a bit of silence at the beginning and the end of the clip. It's the one named 25K pickup
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they should be called:

EDIT: Flota or FLA. for Fat Lady of the Apocalypse.
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25k, sweet haha. I wanna hear these clips. However, my brain isn't functioning very well right now, long day, soooo I'm afraid I can't help you with the naming part
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You could go with something utterly manly and metal-ish like..."The Destroyer"...or.."Your Soul Is Mine!",but they may come across as a bit...unprofessional. Something like "The Silver Stallion" has an air of authority to it. May I also recommen Latin words, like "Ignis", meaning fire, something like that.
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Why not try and use some crazy Welsh town names!

if I did that then I wouldn't be able to pronounce the name of my own pickups, I don't know that I will ever get these Welsh names down.

My wife seems to think I should use an acronym. Something like FOLP for **** Off Loud Pickup. But I don't know.
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You gotta go with something that will automatically make them think of power... some kind of atomic/nuclear reference would be cool.

how bout' fission bomb bucker, warhead/atomic warhead, atomic cannon/cannon, industrial waste, raging bucker, kick in the stones (you can short form this as KITS)... that's all I got right now.

EDIT: one more... molotov
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How about 'The WMD'?

Weapon of Mass Decibels... I mean at 25k it's volume is gonna crush the other pickups, so the name is rather fitting.
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black balls
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something to account for the serious balls your pickups have...
The Blackbucker

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CuteBucker (sarcasm FTW!)








Those names any good?

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Since it is extremely high output I thought about these words. Forgive me, I am an old one.

"I can play pretty fast on an instrument and I can do some pretty dazzling things if I want, but that only goes so far. You know, that's only going to interest people to a certain degree, it only has a certain stimulation." ~Steve Vai~

or Maelstrom?
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^i like what he said but i'd just call it the neo
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i second F*ckerbucker

something to do with communism.
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^ I agree.
The Revolution.
The Dictator.
Black October. I like this name alot, actually.
Sunday Heavy Sunday.

But last, and certainly not least...

The Quarterbucker. As it's 25K, and kind of a play on words of the Dimebucker.
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Quote by TiMaRmStRoNg101
there was once this girl
in my school
and she was like
'greenday is so punk'

and i was all
and punched her in the face.
cause i can do that
cause I know more about punk rock and stuff
Big Bertha
B.A.R. (powerful WWII gun)
Waynes Delight (if you dont get it, im thinking of waynes world)
50 CAL.
Rides the lightning
Rode the lightning
Is the lightning
Pepto besmol
Super Duper bucker
Gin N' Juice
Hiroshima for the neck pickup, and Nagasaki for the bridge
Commie Killer (or if ur a commie, ........ idk, sorry china)
Six Shooter
The Sex
The "I'm gonna make you sound a bit better, but still not much, Green day" bucker
Daily Nutrients
Rose's Thorn
God's boot
Sleepy Hollow
My Little Friend
The Godbucker (you know, The Godfather)
Major Paynebucker
Chuck Norris
Roundhouse Kickbucker
The IRS can kiss my assbucker

and last but not least

Barney Killer

Im out of Ideas for now.... I can still think of some good ones, I will just have to look at things throughout the day and they will pop up.
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