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So me and my band have started a new song. I think it's coming out pretty well, but I need UG's opinion.

you will notice that it stops abruptly at the end, this is because we are not finished.

you will also notice we do not have a drum part. We have a drummer, but he did not show up to the practice in which we made this song.

The guitar(s), and organ solos are exactly as they were originally played; All the members of this band have guitar pro, so we wrote it out individually.

Please Crit this song, none of our other songs have gotten much attention.

use the poll, and comment plz.
I think Im on to something.zip
no i have never hear of them. meybe ill check them out. we've got our influence from deep purple, black sabbath, iron maiden, and a little megadeth.
I like it a lot better then your other one. The only thing I don't like about it is the synth in the very beginning doesn't flow well with the guitar part. otherwise it's good

edit: synyster gates is the guitarist from A7X. I don't see the resemblence though, but take that as a compliment, lol.