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Roland Cube 15
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Roland Cube 30
18 100%
Voters: 18.
I've posted threads on which guitar to buy, a schecter or a B.C. Rich. The result was Schecter. I also want a new amp. Many ppl suggested the Roland 15 or the Roland 30. Ive went to the Roland website and looked at the two, they both pretty cool. They have a built in distortion and a lead channel. The website doesnt have any prices, as well im looking for some1 who has this amp and nos what it is best at. I like to play A7x 3DG and Metallica. Is this a good amp? I would like to get one of the two, but i would like to no the ups and down of them. If you can help, muchly greatrful... Thanx!
ive tried a roland 30 . there pretty sweet. go with that one
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I have the fifteen. It is rather limited. There are four gain channels but for what you're looking for, you'd probably only used two of them. The 30 has loads of other shit for you to play with
i've got the 30 and i love it. the r-fier setting has a pretty heavy distortion (in my opinion). i got it off ebay for like $175, brand new.
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for metal and high gain stuff definitely go with the roland. get a cube 30x, it has better features than the 15

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The roland cube 30 is the best practice amp ever. It has a great clean tone, it's versitile, it doesn't sound rubbish when played quiet, it's versitile, it's got an amazing distortion channel, it's cheap, built like a house (not with bricks though lol), loud enough to practice with a band and it's great value for money.

get one! you won't be dissopointed
true. Try 30. nice clean headroom and not too heavy to bring around.
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I have the cube 30x and love it, great variety of sounds and some effects to play with. It basically has the same stuff as a cube 60 but in a 30 watt. I'd say go for it.
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to be honest I'd say Cube 60 > Cube 30 > Cube 15 > Microcube

To be honest the Microcube >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cube 15.


It sucks don't buy it.
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^That's why the microcube is expensier than the Cube 15. Get the Cube 30x or better.
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I've got the 30w version myself and I love it. Go with that

P.S DO NOT get the X model.
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I have the cube 30x, its the don of a practice amp. If you do go for one (and you should), have a look at www.redonionsolutions.co.uk - i got a footswitch that controls both clean/dirty and efx for £15. really well made and less than half the price of a boss fs6.

which one did you get exactly ?
Amp or switch?

Amp - Cube 30x. really good amp, loads of sounds, plently of oomph (just dont turn up to a gig with it!)
Switch - http://www.redonionsolutions.co.uk/General%20Cube.htm
its the non latching double footswitch, in bare aluminium, in the larger box. I didnt have a cable hardwired in (although they can do it for you), but just use a stereo cable.