Girlfriends or Girl "Friends" ?

Well I think your cute
But hey thats just me.
Lets flirt some more now
And baby we'll see.

If one leads to two
And two leads to three
The odds are with us
And we're meant to be.

But if they dont match
Can we still be
As close as they come?
'Cuz thats fine with me.

I'd rather be friends
Than nothing at all.
I'll be here for you
If ever you fall.

I'll help pick you up
When your feeling down
I'll sing you this song
Turn your day around.

My feelings are out.
You know how I feel.
It's nothin but truth.
Nothin but real.

. . . crit 4 crit of course. Oh and the originla title was "A Song for Her". Do you like that title or the new title better? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I like them. This actually is very close to what happened with me (got her in the end )

I like the short verse structure, it'd be kind of cool if you added a short chorus, maybe only 2 lines long or something, but something to tie the sections together, maybe like:


or something like that. Also, maybe a new title? The other one is bett but still doesn't quite do it justice.

Crit back?