So when I play the riff from bombtrack on the low E string I get an unwanted harmonic when I play on the 2nd fret. Basically when I go to hit the string or pull off of it I get the high pitched harmonic. It's really freaking annoying. Is there something wrong with how I play that could be causing it? Is it common?

Thanks in advance.
Accidental pinch harmonics? That would explain a sqeal at the second fret. If you're playing with your finger too close to the edge of the pick, you may hit the string and cause the harmonic..try giving a bit more of the edge of the pick from under your finger. By the way...awesome song.
I actually think that these unwanted harmonics give a nice sound or effect to any song.



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Thanks guys, I'll look into these and see if I can correct it. I never noticed it until I got the Cube 30X amp and upped the gain so it suprised me. Never realized how sloppy some of my playing was until I put some metal settings on and pushed the gain
Sounds like natural harmonics to me.

When you pull-off, try pulling off quicker, etc.

It's caused by your light touch hitting the string at the 2nd fret, when the string is ringing OPEN.

What makes it obviously Natural Harmonics is the problem itself, coupled with the fact that you're using high gain when you get them, which makes Natural Harmonics MUCH easier to perform.

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to put it simply, your playing sloppy :P

Keep the harmonic, covers are meant to be your personal interpretation of a song, not an exact copy
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If it's indeed a natural harmonic caused by your finger still touching the string when you pick it, then try to move your fretting finger a little. The natural harmonic nodes are very fickle when you go for the ones closer to the headstock than the 4th fret, so the slightest variation in your fingerind will make them appear or disappear.

But preferably, you should learn to coordinate your hands better so you don't pick the string until the split second your fretting finger has performed whatever move you're having it do.
I reckon you should keep it in there. I'm not encouraging sloppy playing, but, little imperfections like that can really personalise a cover song.
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^Yeah, just make sure you know why it occurs and that you can recreate it on demand.