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2 5%
1 3%
Labrodor Retriever
12 32%
1 3%
0 0%
9 24%
4 11%
Germen Sheperd
9 24%
Voters: 38.
vote for your favorite dog breed
there are many differebt branches(ex. instead of french bulldog i just put bulldog) so i just used umbrella terms
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I choose collies but i think shelties are the best.
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where are the dachshunds dude?
weiner dogs FTW!

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Bulldawg I say.
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German Shepard FTW!!
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I like Chihauhas, the cute ones, not the uglies.
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where are the cockapoos?
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english bull terriers are the best. they're extremely intelligent, affectionate, and athletic.

they also like like walks on the beach, a fine italian meal in candle light, and a warm bubble bath.

EDIT: there is no terrior option on the poll. you fail.
Muts. They are less prone to many health problems. And you can get the best of two different dogs, or three, or four, ect.... in one.

I own pit bulls, and American bull dogs. And i love them, but you have to be a certain type of person to raise a pit bull right.
'In' should be an option.

Just throwin' it out there.
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It dont take much to get a poodle drunk

but I didnt see hounds so I went with the labs, good dogs they are
where the hell is rotty
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Why is there no Dachshund option...

So I guess that means that I will have to go with Huskies then...

Oh Wait... I forgot, your poll sucks.

Collies it is then.
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where is mi pitbull T_T
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either siberian huskies or labs. i have a black lab, and when i'm out on my own, i want to get a husky. they're both really beautiful dogs.
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