For 2 months I've wanted to buy a new amp and a lot o people have told me that the vox ad50vt would suit my style, but as far as i know its a modeling amp, and i don't want a modeling amp because i already have the pod xt ( that i don't like) and now I've started to buy every pedal i need as an analog pedal.
So what would suit the classic rock/ stoner rock/ experimental/ indie kind of sound.

Edit: 700 USD
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Peavey ValveKing if you're short on money, Peavey 6505+ stack if you have the money or a Mesa Boogie Roadking stack if you're full of shit.
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you could go to www.carvin.com the SX series is great.

and if you want to spend a tad more i've heard excellent things about the Master Tube Series
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Yeah.........only one problem i cant any of those here in the ****ed up country where i live (chile)
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