k, im mostly into punk music so for the years ive been playing the old power chords...well i would like to learn how to solo so i was wondering what scales i should use my theory book has:


if possible could you give me the names of other important scales and post the tabs for them that might be easier than posting the notes used on each string

Thanks a lot
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Definately start with Pentatonic. Maybe more specifically Minor Pentatonic. This goes very well with punk songs, rock, blues, jazz...it's the best scale to start with. Just run a search on Pentatonic Scale Fingerings. I'm sure there's some stuff on that here too.

As for the scales you listed, they are all "modes" of a major scale. So forget about all the scales you listed - Not until you know the major scale pretty well.

As for learning to solo, get well aquainted with the following concepts: alternate picking, hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato, slides, bends, legato. That should get your feet wet in lead guitar.
i've been soloing for years. major & minor pentatonics i'm cool with. i have no clue about different modes. i know i play them, but i can't tell ya what they are! use your ears.

also, KryptNet was right about learning technique first
I can do all the penatonic positions my guitar teacher taught me them, im not so sure about putting them in runs and how to know which notes sound good together, and i know all the vibrato, pulloff, hammeron, etc. stuff, everything u listed lol im not a beginner, ive played for like four years just never payed much attention to theory and improv
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Ok this is how I use modes.

Let's say that the song we're playing in is in C. OK so now you have a D-7 chord for a few measures, I would play the Dorian mode. Same thing if you are playing in G, then play the Mixolydian. Basicly you just want to center around the root note, which is what modes help you do. Also sometimes you can use minor modes for other minor chords like Aeolian instead of Dorian, but it depends since the sound can sometimes sound bad.
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ya i reccommend "The Idiot's Guide to Music Theory" ive been going through it and its REALLY helpfull and since they havent been mentioned here, along with natural minor learn harmonic minor (which goes in steps like this (1=1/2 step) 2 1 2 2 1 3 1 ) and melodic minor (which goes in steps like this (1=1/2 step) 2 1 2 2 2 2 1)

and as far as modes go, and theyve been covered pretty well so far, just memorize the order of them so u know which one starts on which degree of the scale, and uve got the in the right order so thats pretty much it
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