if songs don't sound right, is it my playing? or could the chords be wrong or something...or i need to count it and figure a strumming pattern...

also can i have some good guitar strumming and playing chord tips? please
man i have to say that alot of the songs on this web site are wrong if you follow it to the tee but they are a good reference point and some of them are pretty much perfect btut the ones i grt tells me the chords and thats it som etimes
i get that alot...ill press the fifth fret down and see if the one next to it sounds the same and they sound ALIKE...do they need to sound...perfectly?
one way i do it, is if the guitar has any distortion tuning at all, put it on, and adjust it so that you dont get the waviness caused by the notes being different frequencies. thats one thing that im glad i took physics for. its possible to tell without distortion, but i find it harder.
its hard to tell without seeing you play or even knowing what you are talking about. there is a 99% chance you aren't using the same guitar as used in the song. you may be hitting an extra string. you are probably out of tune if you aren't sure or not.
in the comments...
and then in the second version
it says use a capo on 2nd fret