Hey all,

tell me what you think about this song I wrote. Guitar parts, singing, whatever you want to tell me I suck at.. haha

The singing was a bit rough at the beginning, but I eventually got it together.

Don't be too harsh on my singing I don't sing in my band I'm just writing the lyrics and guitar part for this song.

www.myspace.com/envirtuoso "Arctic Flame"

That's not the whole song too, there's an intro which is just the chorus guitar part... and I'll put a solo in there and stuff
ok, so, the recording is good i guess but i think the song has potential and the song doesnt have a well defined climax, you should try too to work out the vocal melodies, at the beginning the melody was good but then i dunno, u shoukd try to make it more interesting and put up some more chords to make the song "full" but overall this song has a good potential and u should work it out more.....listen to my improvisation cuz im the 1rst on to reply https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=530261