I went to Detroit last week and spent the weekend at Bruce Egnater's shop where he put on his amp building seminar. Me, and 5 other guys, built a hotrodded Marshall JCM800 clone under the close supervision of Bruce, his wife Terry, son Ian and associate Frank. They answered any and all of our questions as we went along, as well as kept us entertained with lots of good stories. We completed the amps in one long day. Started at about 9 am and finished at about 9 pm. On the second day, Bruce gave us a session on amp theory - closely related to the amp we built - and gave us a list of modifications we could do to it to get the tone we want. For anyone wanting to build a JCM800 type amp quickly - even if you have no experience, I highly recommend this course. Very reasonable price too, pretty good I thought considering this amp is probably better than a new JCM 800 and the price of them. Check out the pictures I got:

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killer man. i wish i could build an amp that would be soo much fun
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The great thing about this course is that Bruce not only teaches you how to build the amp and what everything does and how it works, but he also gives you a list of mods you can try and tells you how they will affect the tone. Last weekend I added a depth control knob (which allows you to control the amount of resistance in the feedback loop filter). Bruce is a great guy and answers all of his email. I want to add an effect loop to the amp so I sent an email to Bruce and he responded with a schematic for a tube buffered effect loop within days which he designed to work with this amp. His courses are getting so popular that he is having them every month or so now.
Fast forward to 2013. The class has developed into a fantastic 3 day experience. We are doing two seminars in August at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are filling quickly but there are still spots left. These will be the best ones yet!! Go to www.sweetwater.com for info.