I just bought a hot head pedal over a boss ds-1 distortion did i choose well.
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yes..my friend has a hot head and i use it all the time...i bought a boss ds-1 and it sucks., never get it
It all depends on the sound you are looking for. If it provides what you want, you did well. Play with it tweak it a little and see what you get out of it. Most of all enjoy!
I was in the same situation at first I bought the Hot Head and a little while later I returned it and got a DS-1.

In my honest opinion I found both to be similar in value.

The Hot Head had a bit more gain and push which is great.

However the DS-1 is a bit lighter when it come to gain you can't turn it up very much without getting bad noise. I liked the lighter distortion it provided and got the DS-1.

However the Hot Head really did do alot for the short while I had it and I somewhat wish I hadn't traded it in.

So yeah if you like it you made a good decision.
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