so ya i think i was high when i wrote this and i didnt spend much time on this but plz check it out anyways and tell me what u think

See the light shine on the spiderweb
something creepy is now beautiful

It's a hot summer day
the wind blows, it feels cool

You go through pain
something ends it and your restful

Just because everyone wants me to
doesn't mean I do
just because everyone believes something
doesn't mean I have to
Just because I don't feel good
doesn't mean I want you

Out of all the things I do
there is nothing I regret

There that picture is
I frame it

Out of me and you
there's nothing I'll forget

main thing is, it doesn't flow or sound so lyrical when read, but of course, if you sing it in a certain way it may sound great
ya its meant for songs but i know it doesnt flow. i could think of a few ways to sing it that would sound good
Uhh........The Flow Bro....The Flow is Kinda.....Strange
But yeah...Maybe it's Sang Differently