I want some songs that resemble the style of

The end- the doors

paint it black - rolling stones

I like the trippy indian music
You mean like this sort of stuff?


I say Beck plays some good trippy Indian stuff!

I thought I've heard the Beatles had some trippy Indian stuff *but I could be wrong*. Seems like that would have been later in their time together as the beatles.

But I have to agree with you, trippy Indian music kicks musical ass! I've just been getting into it myself recently.
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That song is pretty sweet, needless to say i already dl'd it. ^^
You should go try and find the live album No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded. They've got an entire Egyptian ensemble backing them up.

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Yes, if you like Led Zeppelin music then this will be a double-whammy. It's great. Good suggestion Jacques.
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That Jeff Beck vid is amazing I love that world musicish stuff.
I'll definately be getting that song or CD, if I knew which one it was on.

And I know he's not classic rock but threadstarter Derek Trucks has some stuff similar to what you want.
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The Jeff Beck song is called Nadia.
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and its on "you had it coming" which is his latest