ok well im going to play a live version of "start the machine" by AvA and i need to subsitute the toy piano part for something.... what should i do insted and don't say play it on guitar cause it sounds like shit....
I have no idea what your talking about. But play it on piano? I have no clue

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lol the kinda clanking thing through out the whole song... i can't think of anything to subsitute it for...
Just skip it unless you can borrow or buy a MIDI converter deal...those things are cool you can make any instrument you want play from your guitar...
^Guest???? Wtfbbq?

edit: Sorry, forgot to answer the question. I'd just not play it at all. But if you want to replicate the song so bad, just suck it up and play it on a keyboard.
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I never understood why the Angels And Airwaves abbreviation ws "AvA."

ok well toms daughter's name is AvA and if you flip a capital A upside down its kinds look like a v so AvA=toms daughters name OR Angels And Airwaves

plus AAA looks homo >.<