Does anyone know of any art-based high schools (preferably residential, as in I live there )? I am really hoping to pursue a career in music, but I want the best training possible. I think an art-based high school would do me very well. If anyone could be of some help I would really appreciate it and possibly give you a cookie and 1000 awesome points
Where do you live, first?
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I live in southern Illinois but location isn't much of a problem for me. I'm emancipated from my parents so I can move if I need to. Although that's why I would prefer a residential one.. for the sake of not having to pay tuition AND rent
$Guitarist$- can you please supply links that would allow for a good amount of information? I don't want to hassle you, but my internet is slow at the moment do to it being satellite and us having a snow storm.. I don't really have the time to google.. Thanks.
I got to a school of performing arts and their programs just lack. But the school's poor so that may be it. My best advice is: don't go to a poor school.