Okay, I suddenly started remembering a video game. It's animated, and reminds me a bit of the game hercules. It was for playstation one.
The game starts out where you are on a mountain, and you walk through a canyon and have to fight a cyclops. Anopther thing i remember is you are walking through a maze-like forest and you have to kill a boar that is running around chasing you. Theres one other piece i remember, you are in a large grassy area and there are white ancient roman statues surrounding you, and you have to go find a goddess.
This is probably the WORST description ever, but hopefully someone can tell me.
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You're right! This is the WORST description ever.
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PS1 has like 1,000,000,000+ games. Good luck lol.
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One of these

EDIT : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_1_games

there's more here!
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