I think your G and D string is out of tune, and it's a bit off time in some places.

You have a good tone for this solo, and you pulled it off nicely. Personally I like to play the last note in this solo an octave higher, just a tip
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lmfao man thats so sick and depraved and yet funny all at once

my hats off to you IbanezSA160, you have embodied the Pit into one little poem
This is pretty cool. The intro drags on a little, and the song is a little repetitive, but the rhythm is really cool, and I like its spacy, trippy reverbish sound. The acoustic guitar might sound better with another rhythm, which has already been said, but I think it's really cool overall. It's catchy, and it might sound great with some vox. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Nice job. I think the whole reverb sound makes the track sound of lesser quality. As for your guitar, i would change it up a bit, the leads sound like the same three notes repeated over and over again. Other than that it was great.

Mind critiquing mine? http://
in the beggining there are some notes out of time, apart from I liked the rest of the music.
It's simply and the chord progression is agreable, altough it's classical..
The song gets a bit boring without vocals :S
nice work..
hands down.