i have a stupid ipod that wont connect to itunes it did before then i uploaded a few cds to itunes now my ipod wont connect to it any help?
I know how to perfectly fix it...in only one step. you ready?

1. google (alternatively, attempt using the....the, the, the search bar?!?!?!)
hold the select and menu button at the same time till you see the apple logo and the ipod restarts and plug it in again.

Thats what fixed it for me when mine wouldnt connect.
make sure your pluggin it into the same usb or firewire slot that you did when you installed the ipod software of the cd

if you can't remember try each until the screen goes to the do not disconnect and it pops up on itunes ,

if none work then reinstall itunes and reinstall the ipod software then try again
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