So in my search for my perfect shred amp, It's basically come down to the [H & K Trilogy, MK2, Warp X], [Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier], [B52 AT-100], [Carvin Legacy, X100-B (Used)], [Marshall DSL100] and the [Peavey 6505, XXX]. Has anyone had any experiences with any of these amps they could share with me? I would be using two Carvin Cabs I have with Eminence speakers, I also have Celestions that I could use, but I prefer the Eminence with my current setup (Carvin X100-A, Assorted other carvins, I just need one head that can do everything I need in itself). I'm looking for a reliable head for constant touring that can take damage...
my mesa head does exactly that, i love the thing
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The cleans of the Mesa aren't going to be too great though.

I had an X-100B that pooped out on me. They're usually pretty durable, but whomever owned mine before me thrashed it. It has incredible cleans and the distortion isn't too bad. Just make sure you look for the carpet covered version, not the tolex covered one. The carpet covered one is ugly as sin, but it's a hell of a good amp.

If you're already using an X-100A, you don't really need the X-100B. The A is just a lighter-duty version of the B IIRC.
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Yea the amp I'm looking at most is definately the Mesa Dual Rectifier, I'll be playing with a Ibanez RG550 20th Reissue with this rig, so I'm mainly looking for tonal variety and supremacy and durability/reliability.

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Yea I just love the x100-A, but its on its last breath (19...81?) and I think its time to retire it. I think its time for a new sound as well.
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