i already knew that

lol yea thats a good article

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Yeah, the URL kind of makes it lose some of its credibility, but the article still brings up a really good point.
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The link looks very promising.

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well i hope you all take this seriously and accept the simple explanation the author gives. then tells you to not accept simple explanations...

and btw the first quote was Stalin not Chuck Norris
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I've been visiting PWoT for 5 years now. They used to be HILARIOUS. Then the articles stopped. Then they started but were ALL about videogames and how the videogame industry needs to be changed. They were no longer funny, the site is nothing compared to what it used to be.

Check their archives. Their old stuff is good.
thats gay. im sure that coulda been explained without monkey bullshit. i didn't even finish it.
It's a good read, but nothing new.

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lol well, I liked that article. It's pretty accurate. Brings up good points, in a silly kind of way.
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I love that website.

I just read part 1 of the article and will finish it tomorrow. It's pretty interesting.