Im looking to start learning keys but my keyboard is a crappy yamaha psr 200 but it does have a midi input. Would it be just as well to get a good keyboard package and stick with the old thing, or is there any other advantages other than having one of those whammy sticks or whatever they call them.
you mean the pitch bend wheel? Well other advantages of another keyboard would be better sound, and velocity sensitive weighted keys,which are pretty important IMO.
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The whammy sticks work much like a guitar whammy, and can be used for the same sorta effect. And if the psr200 is like my psr310, then it'll do for now.
Shit dude I thought you were gonna talk about a midi player. Because let me tell you, those things suck ass. We had to do one for our high school musical, and it was all old and shit. We hooked it up to a keyboard and it sounded sooooo bad. Not to mention unreliable. Once the music just stopped during this dance scene for no reason. They suck, don't use them if you don't have to.