Are there any songs that you can play on acoustic that sounds good on Electric?

Instead of trying to figure out which guitar is "right" for me, I want to tryout as many guitars that I can get my hands on, to choose the right guitar for me.

I do play acoustic guitar but I have never played an eletric before, is there any song that I could practice on acoustic that sounds good on Electric?

As of now, if I go to a local store, I won't have any songs to play on the eletric (I'd be kinda embarrased)

Just about anything you can play on an acoustic will sound good on an electric. Some songs won't sound as good. But, it'll still sound good. Nothing to worry about.
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Electric guitars can play clean, you know. I actually like the sound of an electric in a clean channel better than a steel string acoustic. But nylons are a different story

Anyways, a lot of blues sounds good on acoustic, clean electric, and dirty electric, so try some Buddy Guy or something.
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The Ballad - Testament
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no, not 'electric songs that sound good on acoustic'

anyway, just play any song. unless its something that REALLY needs the depth and resonance of an acoustic to sound right
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over the hills and far away, by led zeppelin. its actually easier to play on electric than on a steel-str acoustic as well ^^