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Voters: 60.
I am about to buy a gibson flying v but is it really good? What is your favourite or your view on the best type of guitar?
there are more than two shapes?

you really ought to go play it and decide for yourself if it is good.
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definitely in my opinion.
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the normal, v shape is just too exaggerated, and its not comfortable when sitting
It depends what you consider normal. I consider Ibanez RG and Fender Stratocaster as "normal". Personally, I would go for a Gibson Explorer over a V. If it's something like, say, a Caparison Orbit, I would pick that, simply because of the easy access to all 27 frets, something that most V's seem to lack.
There is nothing more metal than a V. I love them. At first, when I bought my current V, I didn't like that I had to stand up to play it. But now I'm used to standing, and I don't even want to sit down. I think that once you get a V, there is no going back.
superstrats are my personal favourite, there also is no normal. if your going mainstream either go strat or lespaul they're 2 completely different things.
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Tele, I find most comftable when playing sitting down
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in my opion i wouldnt get the v its 2 badd 2 play sittin down if u got that money go 4 a les paul or a fat strat with humbucker pick up at the bridge. u can get a loads nicer guitar than that g dluck m8 i knwo u will make the rite choice
oh play all teh guitars 1st cos u dnt want a reli shitty 1
V is one of the worst shapes in terms of ergonomics and playability, it's just got an appeal to it that people like, a stage presence.

I like too many different types of guitar to say one is the best.
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Les Pauls and ES-335s have the best shapes.

Vs are cool, but I prefer something more conventional.
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Get a Faded V.

Or a 60's remake.

Which is the same thing as a Faded V.

Some say it's impossible to play sitting, but I can with a neck strap, and it's an AWESOME axe. You might want to get an Explorer if you're into conventional guitars/modern blending.

Jimmi Hendrix V ftw!

Normal? I voted normal, just because I can't stand V's.
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Okay,well i havent played a v before but if anyone knows what the most comfortable type is then that wuld be great just in case some of you ar wondering wat normal for me is, probably a les paul's shape...just on the topic of a V a red and white 1 would look sooo kool. I play mostly sitting down, but if i get this v then i can practise and peform standing. thanks for all your replys guys!
Definately a normal. I've owned an Acme Normal for about a year now, and it's been great, so much better than that flying V which was the only alternative.
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The V shape is one of the coolest shapes IMO, but it's a pain in the ear to sit down with. All though standing up it's really good because of the nice fret access.

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sitting down is no problem with a V !! i have one and have no problems with it, sitting down or standing