Okay, I have a question, I honestly doubt its going to be sold but me and a buddy of mine were wondering what it would be worth, go ahead warn me if you want I just don't have any other idea of what it could be worth, sorry I don't have pics but, I can tell you its condition.

the Cabinet works perfectly its in really rough shape though, tears in the leather (by the way both the head and cabinet are padded, and the input jack has been knocked in due to mis treatments in the past but its been fished out and it works great.

As for the head, its in perfect working order, sounds beautiful, not a lot of cosmetic damage, but its from the 70's so I don't think you can expect it to be absolutely perfect.

I don't know what its worth, I don't want any offers, I would just kinda like to know what its worth.

Sorry if its not the place for this, but I had no where else to turn

Thanks and have a good one.