hey, just wanna ask if you turn the poles of your pick up clockwise will it make it more sensitive therefore increase output? just asking about that or is there any other thread that explains messing with poles on pickup
u just increase how many times u wind to increase the output.
its called "overwound pickups" and they have hotter output.
the poles being reversed gives the option to cancel hum when u phase(?) two single coil pickups together
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It doesn't really increase output, it's more for balancing the output of your strings. You'll notice your plain steel strings are louder than the wound ones. This is because plain steel vibrates more freely than a wound string. To compensate, you can raise the pole piece a bit.

That said, you don't want them too high. It can make you pickup sound muddy, and in some cases, the magnetic field can pull the strings down to the pickup, decreases sustain and mess with your intonation.