ok so on my guitar, which has a rosewood fingerboard, there are these little white lines in it, as if the wood is contracting and its leaving small cracks in it. it isn't noticable unless your kind of close to it and i dont think i can get pics cuz it might not show up on it. i live in colorado, and its winter, so could this be because of the air being dry and it being cold? would a humidifier help?
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I don't know, but next time you change your strings, grab some Lemon Oil from your local guitar shop, or order some online. Wipe your fretboard off a bit with it. It'll clean it up.
Then perhaps also some fingerboard conditioner?

As far as humidfiers, I don't know much about the cold weather, but....Perhaps...http://www.zzounds.com/item--GDFHE360

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You get something similar on maple, but with maple its darker (in comparison to the wood)....I think its just the grime and dirt left over after you play for awhile.
I just bought a new Schecter C1+, and I have the same issue. In fact, Guitar Center told me "just use some lemon oil on this and it will will probably come out". I tried lemon oil a couple of times but after a couple of days, it just comes back.

Perhaps this is common in some Schecters?? I love this thing but the white stuff in the grain annoys the hell out of me.

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My epiphone has the same stuff all over it, the guy I bought it from said its no biggie

tried lemon oil and didn't help too much