I have set my mind on 2 guitars now, which is the LTD F-50 and Epiphone SG310. I wouldn't want an Ibanez RG321 as i have already tried it and it just doesn't seem to suit me. I have not tried the LTD and Epi but i've been hearing Agathis bodies are not worth buying. I might as well get a Fender Squier Strat and play it for about a year or so then get a better ESP guitar. For the amps i got my Roland 15W Cube today and im quite happy with the sound it produces after testing it at a local store.

So would you guys recommend me to get a Squier for beginning and save up for a better guitar?
i had the same problem, but with different guitars, so i just ended up getting a squier californian strato and it has done me good, and it sounds pretty clean and smooth through my 15W. so in my overall opinion, getting a simple squier would be great for the time being
buy a squier or another ripoff strat. i started on an ibanez grx10
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er rock, classic, a bit of jazz, blues, very little of metal(only metallica), i duno.. AC/DC? punk rock too. basically a guitar which could produce various sounds should do me fine.