Inspired by Les Claypool and his Whamola bass, I decided to attempt to build my own crazy thing.

So, introducing the Skateola bass, constructed of random junk and an old skateboard.



My thumb after a mean hit from a hammer

The string is just kind of wrapped around the screw under the block passing as a nut.

The bridge is a piece of metal from an old useless TV receiver box, with a piece of tubing stuck under the string. I then put a cheap mic into one end of the tube. Instant ghetto pickup.

It took a lot of experimenting to get a decent sound out of this. The only way I could eliminate the crazy amounts of feedback was to turn my speakers off and slap some headphones on. This has an awesome sound though, I've got it tuned at about the low C on a bass tuned to drop C.

I use a shot glass as a slide on this. I use a thin piece of wood in place of a drumstick to strike the string.

Not a bad job for something designed and built in about an hour and a half.
sounds like it can add something weird to your album sound.
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