One person does all the song writing or spread the song writing throughout the entire band

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it depends on the people, and how they get o with each other.
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Try it all out and whatever works for you. In my band, the drummer and I do 90% of the songwriting, but the bassist has written one good song.
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I think do a mix of both

Have some songs written by a single person, but refined by the whole band

And also have songs just written all together
We kinda jam it out. Guitarist makes a riff and says "drum to this" and the try out a couple of things. We add more and more and change alot in the progress. Adding vocals somewhere in the middle. But it's mostly the guitar players who makes the songs. We dont have a bassist.
Encourage everyone to try writing songs while you write your own. If they come up with good tunes, use them.
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in mine i basically write all the music and the other guitarist/vocalist write most of the lyrics, that works out pretty good
Depends on the style of music, but for the most part, I prefer having only 1-2 members of the band write material. If they want to go further, I like to say everyone can pitch songs but their can be no more than 3 cowriters. There is legal reasoning behind this as well.

The biggest reason I like this is because it prevents arguements over direction of the song. When people would argue with me I would tell them "Play it the way you want, but keep the basic construction of the song the same" I always hated when my 6 member band tried to write a song together. You had 6 people with 6 different ideas and they always wanted to do that during band practice. Not only was it extremely fustrating, but it also wasted valuable practice time. That's why I would often pull someone to the side and write with them on another day for about 2-3 hours.
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well me and my band are only 4 people. Usually me and the guitarist sit back and trade off riffs till we come up with something cool. Normally we try and come up with 4 or so riffs for one song individually and then the two of us would jam out how it should be. And vice versa. So normally a soung is only written by one person. Ill write all the riffs to a song and He'll right all the riffs to a song. Sometimes the bassist and Drummer contribute riff ideas. But normally its just me and him. Then we jam out the final product and work out the tid bits
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i think having it be collaborative is the best... but i depends on the people... i write allmost 100 percent of my band's material even tho i keep pushing for the other 2 people to write... they just can't write good songs and are too self-concious of their songs.
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I like getting the acoustics out, and jamming on them. It's easier, sounds nice, a mellow time to just relax and play guitar, and you can hear yourself think which makes it easier to make suggestions, without telling people to stop playing their instruments.
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