I have to learn some jazz blues for school, do you reckon you could name a good artist and one of their best albums. As i will go out and buy it to learn it.

Cheers guys i really need this.
Charlie Parker would be a good place to start for 'jazz blues'. He puts far too many chords into a blues than is healthy for mere mortals.
How may The National D help you waste your time?
Mr. PC, Freddie Freeloader, Blue Train, Nows The Time, No Blues, C Jam Blues and D-Natural Blues
Wes Montgomery should be a good artist, I'm not sure exactly which albums to get, though.
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John Mayall has an album called Blues Jazz Fusion - what hasnt this man done - I've heard its very good. Probably more blues based though.
Robert Lockwood Jr. has a jazzy tinge to his sound.
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Robben ford, definitely.

Get either "handful of blues" or "Talk to your daughter" to start.
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Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" is exactly what you should look for..... Great album.... "All Blues" is definatly the highlight for me....