ight... so ive got what i consider a problem. my style... the way i write songs is completely different form the way i play guitar. if i compare my self to a band that i play like the first thing that pops into my mind is alice in chains, but i write songs more like g love... these are 2 different worlds. im not happy with much anyhting ive written. and i mean i love either the lyrics or the guitar, but when i put them togeather its jsut... ummmmm..... "blah". i guess you could consider that my "style", but my "style" isnt very productive if you catch my drift. im not in a band... dont wanna be; i pretty much jsut write acoustic songs with a mellow electric riff or 7 in the background. the elecrtic usualy has alot of reverb. if that gives you any more of an idea as to what i play. i mean... seriously... either the guitar or the lyrics are wicked, but both together jsut dont flow right. i do alot of sudden stops aswell... finger picking and basic chord progressions with a quick flick of the bass note... im in 2 different worlds right now...help.... please...
Try letting a friend make the guitar music, or let a friend make the lyrics.
Depends on what one was wicked, ofcourse.
Yeh i always seem to find that involving other people and other ideas can always progress your song-writing onto another level. They give a different perspective and different ideas. In my band i would write a song, usually just the music, and then the rest of the band will learn it while at the same time changing it and adding bits which they think will improve it. Songs are always better with another person's input and perspective.